Our Mission

sludgeandwater builds and adopts cutting-edge technologies and expertise that focuses on the removal of stubborn contaminants from municipal and industrial wastewater sites in western Canada.

Our Vision

A planet where nature and industry live in balance.

Our Beginnings

After a significant hiatus from the environmental remediation industry, in 2023, our founder returned with a profound determination to make a lasting impact. Having spent over a decade in the remediation field, completing projects for Agrium, City of Calgary, Sherrit, Suncor Energy and many others, the desire to work with a wider range of clients and take on ambitious remediation projects fuelled the birth of sludgeandwater, now known as RenewalX.

This resurgence was not only driven by a passion for our work but also inspired by the profound responsibility of raising a 5-year-old boy who shares a deep love for nature. The mission to put our passion for life in action by working towards a more sustainable world for future generations, has became an unwavering purpose, propelling us forward each day.


RenewalX principles

  • Focus on environment, health and safety
  • Advocate for sustainability
  • Partnerships get things done
  • Do the job right the first time
  • Learn and educate

Environment, Health and Safety Statement

Protection of the environment, health and safety is a core principal of RenewalX, and this statement provides the framework for achieving positive environment, health, and safety performance.

RenewalX is committed to safety, health, and environment as evidence by the following principles:

  • Empowering our staff, and partners to demonstrate individual and institutional leadership in inculcating safety, health, and environmental protection into research, education, personal lifestyles and work environments;
  • Emphasizing open communication with our community regarding safety, health, and environmental issues;
  • Instilling the values of safety, health, and environmental stewardship and conservation of resources in our partners.

All our teams, associates and leaders and visitors to our work sites are required to undergo training and to abide with the above principles.

Who we work for

At RenewalX, we work for clients seeking to meet sustainability goals for the protection and remediation of resources such as land, lakes, rivers, canals, lagoons, and tailing ponds.

Contact us or Explore our portfolio to learn about our experience with some of the environmental remediation projects we've completed for clients in the Americas. From treating contaminated water sources to removing harmful sludge from rivers and lakes, our solutions have helped to protect human health and maintain a healthy ecosystem. Our clients include leading manufacturers, municipalities, and energy companies who trust us to deliver innovative solutions that meet their sustainability goals. To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today.