The Sludgeandwater, our HSEC (Health, Safety, Environmental and Code of Conduct) is our compass to doing the right thing. This is how we put our values into practice, definined by standards of practice, care and conduct applicable to all our team members. We encourage our business partners to share our commitment to 

  • Health and safety - Zero serious injury and fatality incidents 
  • Environmental compliance - a commitment to upholding environmental regulations
  • Human rights- Promoting equity, diversity and inclusiveness
  • Privacy - respecting the privacy needs of our customers, employees and 
  • We strive to develop respectful and positive relationships with our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and local communities, and to contribute positively to society as a whole.

Our approach

As the foundation for our corporate activity, we take health and safety seriously.  We uphold our HSEC throughout our business and the decisions we make. The Board is committed to the creation of long-term sustainable value for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Our actions

Our Zero serious injury and fatality incidents Management System requires all our members to form a positive, proactive, risk-based structure for company-wide execution.  

We continue to enhance company-wide programs for common activities specific practices, to target key safety risks unique to each of our business units.  

Practicing Occupational Health & Safety

At Sludgeandwater, we value the health, safety and well being of our employees, partners and clients. Having a safe and narturing working environment allows or teams to do the best job they can every single time. Sludgeandwater subscribes to the following ethos;

  • Working with the right skills and tools for the job promotes safety and efficiecy
  • Regular safety trainning reminds us what is at stake
  • We all work better in teams
  • Workplace safety is EVERYONE's responsibility


Regular Skills Updating

We understand that complacency is a human trait. We work hard to provide our teams with the training and incouragement they need to keep up with the demands of the job. We; 

  • mandate teams to take regular skills updating
  • pay for the time and the resources required for the skills updating
  • incourage them to ask questions and seek mentorship
  • promote team members who excel in their work


Regular Safety Trainning

Safety is the most important aspect of what we do. We train team members the skills they need to stay safe, on and off the job. At Kebran we;

  • offer regular safety training
  • regular toolbox meetings
  • regular safety monitoring and feedback
  • the facility to anonymously report risks and safety violations
  • and the provisions to meet safety needs


We Work Better In Teams

We know that we work better when we work in teams. This observation has been informed and enriched by so many positive work results over the years and so, we incourage our staff to be part of a team. We inforce this by;

  • hiring induviduals with complementary skill sets
  • naturing team building attitudes
  • promoting team oriented induviduals
  • and offering every member the room to belong

  Practicing Environmental Compliance

All our members are required to understand environmental regulations, best practices and suggested methods for addressing workplace environmental hazards. Our members are expected to;

  • dump liquids, oils, chemicals, trash, used work clothing, waste food, wastewater in Only gazetted places
  • incourage clients to choose remedial solutions with minimal environmental impact
  • adhere to strict compliance to all regulations, processes as defined by the law, client and company